Over Manichel


A Manichel handbag is designed from the inside out.

The designer, Anneke Michels, realized her dream by designing a bag that doesn’t only looks good on the outside, but is special on the inside as well.

It’s not just a bag, it’s a treasure for every woman.

Manichel brings gorgeous bags with an outstanding functional inside.

Manichel cares about people and believes that every woman deserves the best in life.

Anneke takes pride in designing this special and functional bag of the best quality right until the last stitch.

Now Manichel is here for the world to experience and enjoy, it will make your heart sing.

Manichel is available in a wonderful variety of colours and prints.

After getting to know each other we can make your dream (bag) come true.

Without a doubt, you will fall in love instantly with Manichel

Created just for you, because you deserve the best.


From Manichel with love,
Anneke Michels